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Things to do in Japan!

Things to do in Japan 1 – Kyoto

Since my apartment in Japan is located in Osaka. Some of Japans major tourist attractions are less than an hour away.

Perhaps the most popular place for tourists to visit is Kyoto. Kyoto is short of nothing. It has a downtown shopping district which offers plenty of stores for a good shopping day and plenty of restaurants to visit when us guys need a break from carrying all those shopping bags for the ladies.

If you’re like me, not much of a city boy who prefers wildlife in front of city life when you have some time to kill, Kyoto can be an exciting place to visit as well.

As the girl in my life has less free time than me, I took the 670 yen train-ride from Osaka to Kyoto with my British comrade Phil. We had no intention what so ever to pay the local clothing stores any visits.

I was aware of the possibility to see some wild monkeys in Kyoto and we therefore decided to get away from the busy shopping district and instead explore the beautiful and colorful – as it was around fall time – mountainside.

Walking 15 minutes was enough to leave the concrete surrounding the train station for the walking paths around the mountain-side temples in Kyoto. In the fall especially, the areas around the temples are beautiful.

Both me and my partner in crime have a tendency to be a bit more adventurous than we are aware of safety, it was therefore only a matter of time before we got off track – literally. We decided that following the flock was only fun up until a certain point and after that decided to try to make our day-trip a bit more unique than the rest of the thousands of tourists that visits Kyoto every day. We decided to make our own paths on the steep mountainside.

Although partially dangerous because of the steepness, it was a risk worth taking. We ran into beautiful old graveyards, perfectly preserved temples and the most impressive scenery of colors of yellow, red and green as the fall had taken a firm grip of Kyoto.

No place stand out from the other as being more impressive, every location has its own charm and atmosphere. It is definitely worth paying a visit for anybody who’s interested in Japanese history and/or nature.


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