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How To Learn Japanese and more!


Springtime in Japan

Spring time in Japan is very beautiful. Spring has now officially How to learn japanese, sakuraovertaken Osaka and trees are in full bloom everywhere! You should all be here and enjoy a nice walk in Osakajou or why not feed the tame deer in Nara? Only 40 minutes away with train from the big city life in Osaka.


Don’t worry I’m not selling you a trip. I figured I might as well set up a post page on this site where I can have a more relaxed one-sided conversation with you. Article writing is interesting indeed, but the format of it is usually not very relaxed. I really encourage anybody with interest or questions about Japan to contact me as I have been living in Japan for 16 months now and might be able to help you with whatever concern you have. Do not hesitate! My knowledge goes beyond the information on this website, so if you can’t find the answer to your question in the articles posted here, let me know and i’ll get right back to you.

You probably landed on my page because you want now how to learn Japanese or simply because you are interested in Japan. Whatever your reasons are there should be something on this site that can meet your request. if you want to learn Japanese I suggest you to take a look at my article titled – yeah you guessed it! – How to learn Japanese. That article might answer some of the questions you might have before you take on your Japanese studies. If you are already studying, you can find information that can help your studies on any other page on this site.

Anyway, back to springtime talk! As much as I am welcoming the heat with open arms. There are somethings about Japan and springtime that I get more excited about. These things are called BUGS, writing that in capital letters seems fitting. I have no idea how bugs came to be so big here in Japan. Japanese have a bit of special relationship with bugs, they actually like them very much and it’s not uncommon to see kids go out with a bucket and go bug hunting. That was for example how Satoshi Tajiri came up with the idea of Pokémon.

cicadaThe most special bug for the Japanese are probably their Cicadas – Semi in Japanese. They grow awfully big here (60-70 mm) and they are everywhere. They are friendly and do not bite, but they are well aware of how big they are so they have a tendency to become a bit cocky I would say. A couple of times last summer I had to get out they way to avoid a full head-on collision with these things. That’s how you know you deal with some big bugs. When the bug thinks that smacking into your face will hurt you more than him. Anyways, the Japanese likes them and don’t hesitate to pick them up. They are a symbol of the summer here, and the Japanese consider summertime over when the Cicadas stop singing.

Suzumebachi, how to learn japaneseAnother big bug is the Asian giant hornet – Oosuzumebachi in Japanese. They have the biggest hornets in the world here – lucky us huh! Not even the Japanese mess around with these bugs. With a wingspan of over 60 mm and a sting that will send you to the closest hospital I usually take the long way around when I see them. They are the most lethal animal in Japan and kill more people than snakes, spiders and bears combined. Good thing is they sound like a small helicopter when they’re close – therefore pretty easy to detect and avoid.

So there you go! knowledge about Japanese bugs – Check!

Probably completely irrelevant to what you were looking for – but hey, people take their bugs seriously here and if you want to know how to learn Japanese I just increased you vocabulary with two bug names! But you can find more information in the navigation menu!

You take care now you hear!

Tommie Bethmarker


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