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Things to do in Japan!

Things to do in Japan 2 – Nara

A 45 minute train ride from Osaka is all you need to visit one of the most interesting places in Japan. Nara is known for the massive wooden temple – Todai-ji temple – as well as for the tame Sika deer.

Wooden temples might be impressive, but I went with the purpose of adding some new deer buddies to my circle of acquaintances. That was not a challenge at all. They are literally everywhere.

Sika Deer in Nara

Sika Deer in Nara

Sika deer are considered heavenly creatures since according to legends, a mythological guard once arrived to Nara riding a white deer to guard the capital.…

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Things to do in Japan!

Things to do in Japan 1 – Kyoto

Since my apartment in Japan is located in Osaka. Some of Japans major tourist attractions are less than an hour away.

Perhaps the most popular place for tourists to visit is Kyoto. Kyoto is short of nothing. It has a downtown shopping district which offers plenty of stores for a good shopping day and plenty of restaurants to visit when us guys need a break from carrying all those shopping bags for the ladies.

If you’re like me, not much of a city boy who prefers wildlife in front of city life when you have some time to kill, Kyoto can be an exciting place to visit as well.…

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Katakana Game and Rocket Japanese


Build a good foundation using games and Rocket Japanese!!

As Japan is getting more and more influences from western cultures, Tourists in Japan have gotten the opportunity to actually read and UNDERSTAND some of what is written in Japanese characters.

Words written in Hiragana and Kanji require a knowledge in the Japanese vocabulary, but words written in Katakana usually do not. Before I started my studies in Japanese I had no idea that all it took was the ability to read some of the characters in order to actually understand what some of the words meant.

The usage of Katakana is not limited to foreign words but it is its primary usage.…

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Game Hall Madness!! (and kanji apps review)


Todays post is all about game centers and kanji apps. What do they both have in common? They can both save you money! But even more importantly, bring some joy to a student with repetitive and tiresome studying patterns.

Japanese game halls and Kanji Apps

WorldsLanguages – How to learn Japanese with Kanji Apps

Hitting the bar or going clubbing in Japan can easily turn into a hangover accompanied with a feeling of regret. A night with the buddies out in Japan can easily turn into something expensive. I have yet to come across a club that doesn’t charge at least a 2 000 Yen cover fee, or a bar that charges less than 600 Yen for a medium sized beer.…

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How To Learn Japanese and more!


Springtime in Japan

Spring time in Japan is very beautiful. Spring has now officially How to learn japanese, sakuraovertaken Osaka and trees are in full bloom everywhere! You should all be here and enjoy a nice walk in Osakajou or why not feed the tame deer in Nara? Only 40 minutes away with train from the big city life in Osaka.


Don’t worry I’m not selling you a trip. I figured I might as well set up a post page on this site where I can have a more relaxed one-sided conversation with you. Article writing is interesting indeed, but the format of it is usually not very relaxed.

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Thank you for visiting WorldsLanguages!

On this page I will shortly guide you to the right learning tools for learning a new language.

I am myself very interested in learning languages and I am currently studying full-time to learn Japanese at a language school in Osaka, Japan. I find that learning new languages is very hard if you don’t have the right tools to work with. I have myself tried many different ways to learn German, Japanese and improving my English, but it can easily become overwhelming at times. Therefore, I will try to help you avoid stepping in the same pitfalls as I have done throughout the years.…

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