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Game Hall Madness!! (and kanji apps review)


Todays post is all about game centers and kanji apps. What do they both have in common? They can both save you money! But even more importantly, bring some joy to a student with repetitive and tiresome studying patterns.

Japanese game halls and Kanji Apps

WorldsLanguages – How to learn Japanese with Kanji Apps

Hitting the bar or going clubbing in Japan can easily turn into a hangover accompanied with a feeling of regret. A night with the buddies out in Japan can easily turn into something expensive. I have yet to come across a club that doesn’t charge at least a 2 000 Yen cover fee, or a bar that charges less than 600 Yen for a medium sized beer. But if there’s a will there’s a way!

All though I’m not part of that category, most foreign people with a genuine interest in Japan got their interest from anime, videogames, manga etc.. Needless to be said, Japan is the gaming center of the world. I found that to be quite helpful whenever I was looking for a fun time out with friends without having to spend all of my student dollars. The solution is Game halls!

In the heart of Osaka they are about as frequent in appearance as McDonalds, and they offer everything from the nostalgic Pacman game to 3D action/adventure games. You can get humiliated by the random Japanese in a game of Dance Dance Revolution or way too loudly trash talk your buddy in a “fight to the death” game of Air Hockey.

These halls are very popular especially among Japanese teenagers but also among overly excited (slightly intoxicated) foreigners. And yes, I might fit into the later category from time to time. It didn’t take too long before me and my fellow classmates became aware of these places. What was even better, is that there are no laws against public consumption of alcohol in Japan. You can just drop into the closest convenient store, buy yourself a couple of cheap beers and head straight to the game hall. Whether you’re a gaming fan or not, you will end up having a good time. But more importantly, you will not end up spending a fortune.

Kanji App - Midori

WorldsLanguages – How to learn Japanese with Kanji Apps

Speaking of fun. Studying is fun isn’t it?

Well, maybe not. but it doesn’t have to be boring. Ever since I first started studying Japanese almost 2 years ago, I have always been on the lookout for ways to make my studies less tiresome. I have taken a few language courses in my life but nothing is more repetitive than studying Japanese at a Japanese language school. Fortunately, I have found something that helps me keep my spirit up. The answer is Kanji Apps.

I am using 4 of them right now. My two favorites that actually can keep me entertained for a while are Midori and Kanji Box. They provide a great supplement for my studies. I would probably say that I’m learning kanji just as well with them as I am in school. Online learning is gaining in popularity by the day, kanji apps are going to play an even more important role in the future for Japanese studies. For that reason I wrote a review of the 4 kanji apps that I am using today. Check it out and let me know if they helped you or if you would like to recommend another one. A couple of the ones I reviewed are free. If you use all 4 of them, I guarantee that you have all aspects of kanji studying covered.



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  1. Ruddy April 20, 2013 at 9:59 am #

    Just discovered your blog 🙂 i live in Osaka too (Umeda). Go to game halls every week man 😀

  2. Channery May 22, 2013 at 6:17 am #

    Gee whiz, and I tohuhgt this would be hard to find out.

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