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My name is Tommie and I am a 26 year old student who has fled to Japan to gain knowledge about their culture and language. I was born and raised in Sweden but after finishing High-school I came to the conclusion that my hometown was not exciting enough to reside in. As a result, I decided to study at a college in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles really opened up my eyes for the importance of diversity. Los Angeles is rich in many cultures and as soon as I finsihed my required courses for my Business degree, I decided to learn another language. I wanted a challenge, so I went with Japanese. Many times have I regretted that since, But I got hooked from the start.

After I finished my degree I quickly realized that my urge for challenges was not put into silence after only a few years abroad. So I continued my journey to Osaka in Japan. I have spent almost a year here now and I am finally starting to feel a fluency in the language.

Learning Japanese involves learning to use and read two different kinds of syllabic scripts (Hiragana and Katakana) and of course mastering thousands of Kanjis.  Partially because of this, I have really started to appreciate all the helping tools that are available out there. Even though I usually am a fast learner, I can not keep up with the other Chinese classmates that already have knowledge about Kanji unless I find the best way for me to study. Therefore, I have tried many tools.

That leads me to the purpose of this page. This page is here solely to guide you to the right tools for learning. I have spent many years studying languages and fallen into pitfalls as well as finding sites and tools with great value.  Hopefully, my knowledge can be of value to you.


Tommie Bethmarker

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